Our Clients

Friends First Life Assurance Co Ltd

To Whom It May Concern Friends First Lift Assurance Company contacted Renergise Ltd in 2010 as part of the Green Project we were implementing. We wanted to reduce our water consumption in the building. Renergise put in the following solution for us. The installation of Flow Aerators in all the sinks, bathrooms and tea stations conserving our water. The replacement of old taps, non Regulated flow taps with excessive water flow ranging from 12 Lpm to 20 Litres per minute.. And with the new system this reduced the flow rate down to 4 Litres per minute. We have reduced our water bills by 30%. The whole process was handled very efficiently and professionally by Gerry. It was a pleasure to do business with someone who believes in the company he represents and their products. In short I would recommend Renergise to anyone considering water conservation. Marie Therese Hennessy Facilities Manager July 2012

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