decentralized heat recovery ventilation

RENERGISE YOUR LEADING SUPPLIER OF DECENTRALIZED HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION SYSTEMS Nowadays it’s hard to imagine engineering systems without energy-efficient solutions: by utilizing energy-efficient ventilation one may not only improve microclimate quality, but also decrease the heat losses significantly. Decentralized ventilation will help you achieve this without performing renovations or drastically changing the room’s design or…

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Sensor Taps Reduce Water Consumption & Energy Costs

sensor taps

Save water and reduce energy costs With the electronic water fittings from Renergise, operators of public, semi-public and commercial buildings can significantly save water and reduce energy costs.In addition to the consumption-based billing of water and wastewater, the energy costs for heating & filtering clean drinking water are increasing more and more. It is therefore…

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Commercial Manual & Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

hand sanitiser dispenser with floor stand

Renergise supply a wide selection of commercial manual & automatic soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers. Stainless Steel Dispenser With Large Capacity 1500ml for Alcohol GEL Hand Sanitizer or Liquid Soap This sturdy stainless steel hand sanitizer Alcohol GEL or Soap Dispenser, is suitable for wall mounting onto the walls in pubs, kitchens, hospitals, nursing…

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