Clare man finds water meter shows 27 years worth of water used in three months

Water Charges

A water meter outside a home in County Clare shows more than 1.5 million litres has passed through it since November.

According to Irish Water, the average person uses 54,750 litres of water each year, which means that just over 27 years worth of water passed through the meter in just three months.

The device was installed outside 59-year-old Pat Madden’s council home in Shannon on November 7.

He says he is “gobsmacked” at the latest readings, and has been in contact with the crew who installed the meter and Clare County Council.

Pat says he realises water is running through the meter, even when his taps are off, and he is trying to figure out where the leak is.

Mr Madden said: “So I went into my own house, I turned off the water under the sink, and I went back out to the meter and the meter is ticking away merrily to its heart’s content.

“The area I am living in is a damp area anyway, but it’s not that damp. There’s no water overground whatsoever, and I’ve still no idea.”

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