Hand Dryers & Hair Dryers

Renergise Distributing the STARMIX Hand Dryers & Hair Dryer Range in Ireland

Made in Germany Starmix Hand Dryers & Hair Dryers.

Starmix hot-air hand dryers are the most economical, modern hygienic drying system – energy saving and environment-conscious. Durable, reliable and maintenance-free. The contemporary waste-free problem solution. Top quality Made by ELECTROSTAR – the inventor of the hot-air hand dryers, and one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Ideal appliances for hotels, swimming pools, fitness studios, spas, saunas, public facilities, industry and trade

Starmix Convenient Hand Dryers TT 1800 E

eco hand dryer tt 1800 E

Eco Hand Dryer TT 1800 E

The modern maintenance-free hot-air hand dryers in attractive design. With a powerful hygienic stream of hot-air for fast and pleasant hand drying. Simple, service-friendly and most economical wall mounting without having to open the device. With integrated, detachable mounting plate and simple safety mains plug connection ready for operation. The impact-resistant ABS case and the maintenance-free, whisper-quiet motor guarantee a long, dependable service life. Sensor-controlled safety switch-off after approx. 4 minutes (e.g. in the event of chewing gum vandalism) with all models with infrared proximity switch.



XT 1000 Eco Fast High speed Hand Dryers

hand dryer eco fast XT 1000 E

Hand Dryer Eco Fast XT 1000 E

The innovative, compact high-speed hand dryer with outstanding features: Sensationally fast – dries your hands in less than 15 seconds. The high-speed air flow generated by the powerful high-performance blower brushes off rops of water and moisture from the surface of your skin in record time. Ultra compact – takes up less space than a letter. Unique combination of high performance and micro format. Vandal-proof steel housing with 1.2 mm wall thickness. Flush with the wall making it impossible to gain access to the back.




Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers ST 2400 E

vandal proof hand dryer ST 2400 E


The vandal-proof model for restaurants, hotels, schools, gymnasiums and commercial companies. Vandal-proof steel housing white enamelled or sanitised. Theft-proof attachment. Flush wall mounting arrangement prevents access to the back of the device. All components designed to maximum duty, maintenance-free and long service life. The optimized, revolving air jet concentrates the flow of air and ensures effective rapid hand drying – cost and energy saving.




Wall Mounted Hair dryers TB 80 A

wall mounted hair dryer TB 80 A

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer TB 80 A

Recommended as a hair dryer/style for hotels, public gymnasiums, swimming pools and saunas. Wall-mounted for permanent electrical installation, flexible hose 1.5 m with rotating hair-styling nozzle. Automatic nozzle switch: the TB 80 A is automatically switched on when the hair-styling nozzle is removed from the holder, and is switched off when the nozzle is returned to the holder.





Handheld hair dryers TFCW 16

Handheld Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

The well-known high-grade handheld hair dryers in elegant chrome design. For guest bathrooms in sophisticated hotels and where emphasis is placed on discerning equipment.






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