Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Alcohol Liquid & Liquid Soap Dispenser

Hand sanitizer dispenser can be used for alcohol liquid hand sanitizer


Modular design for quick and easy maintenance.

The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is the most common automatic dispenser in the commercial and residential bathroom market.

Our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can be refillable to reduce waste, and they are energy saving thus easier to maintain. Also, the smart LED indicator will flash to indicate status such as low battery for the hand sanitizer dispenser.

Renergise has the best and most eco-friendly solutions to reduce infection and improve hand hygiene.

Washing the hands with soap and water is an essential part of hand hygiene.

Can’t find the commercial hand sanitizer dispensers you are looking for? Please, contact us for assistance.

Renergise supply a wide range of dispensers suitable for hand sanitizer, for both alcohol gel and alcohol liquid.

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