Commercial Manual & Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

hand sanitiser dispenser with floor stand

Renergise supply a wide selection of commercial manual & automatic soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers.

Stainless Steel Dispenser With Large Capacity 1500ml for Alcohol GEL Hand Sanitizer or Liquid Soap

This sturdy stainless steel hand sanitizer Alcohol GEL or Soap Dispenser, is suitable for wall mounting onto the walls in pubs, kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes and offices for greater accessibility. Presented in a stainless steel finish, this lockable dispenser can be easily topped up with hand sanitizer or liquid soap.


Help Prevent Cross-Contamination in Restrooms. Complete your washroom project with stainless steel accessories including sensor taps, touch-free soap dispensers, hygiene dispensers & hand dryers.

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