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Alcohol Hand Sanitiser & Alcohol Hand Sanitising Liquid and Gel

Antibacterial products have become more popular and necessary than ever, especially since the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic highlighted the importance of hand cleanliness and hygiene. Renergise stock a wide array of hand sanitizer liquid and hand sanitizer, so you can ensure there’s always enough hand sanitizer available to help kill bacteria and encourage infection control in your home or workplace. Our range of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available in a number of different options, including alcohol hand sanitizer liquid, gel & foam and can be placed in a soap dispenser for quick and easy use. Simply using soap isn’t always enough when it comes to hand cleanliness, that’s why using a good quality alcohol hand sanitiser can help provide the much-needed piece of mind you require.

Sanitising your hands regularly with alcohol sanitizer will help provide the anti-bacterial protection you need against germ and infection spread. The skin can carry many different bacteria, and hand gel can be an important step in avoiding these causing problems. Just find the right hand sanitizer for your needs and help take antibacterial action to kill germs and make sure your hands are clean, making sure alcohol gel is readily available to everyone in your workplace and home. Don’t get caught out without the right products and ensure clean hands today with sanitising gel.

Our alcohol hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and is quick drying making it ideal for areas where extra hand hygiene is required such as eating areas or between hand washes

alcohol hand sanitiser

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid 5 Litre