Water Heaters


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Water Heaters – Electrical Water Heaters Are The Perfect Solution For Supplying Point Of Use Hot Water Supply To A Number Of Sinks depending on the hot water demand without the need for installing expensive special taps. The most common water heaters come in 10 and 15 litre sizes and there are models suitable for Under Sink and Over Sink installations. They are also suitable for connecting to conventional taps and most tap mixers, no need for expensive vented taps. The Compact Plus small electric water heater models are ideal for both professionals and first time installers. The water heater is suitable for connection to conventional taps and most mixers. There is no need for expensive vented taps to be used. This model is an under sink model and is suitable to be located under sink to hide the water heater away and out of sight. If an expansion vessel is needed, Renergise can provide a very competitively priced Kit ‘A’ 2L Expansion Vessel and Check Valve or a Kit ‘G/A’ with pre-assembled Mounting Bracket saving up to an hour on installation, Ideal for professional and first time installers alike.