Water Saving Shower Heads


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Water Saving Shower Heads – Renergise Supply A Full Range Of Commercial And Domestic Water Saving Shower Heads. We supply water saving rain fall showers, hose head showers, wall mounted showers, fixed showers, commercial showers, shower panels, sports panel showers and panel shower systems. Our water saving showers have the latest in water saving air jet technology. They deliver fewer litres of water per minute but still give the user a very satisfying shower with the same high pressure burst of water thanks to the latest in Air Jet Technology. Still have that power shower feeling, saving water and saving money and reducing your energy costs. By installing our water saving showers with new air jet technology, you will save water, save money, and will reduce your energy costs. The air jet water saving shower head will still produce a comfortable, high pressured shower even if with low pressure water systems. Showers with air jet water saving technology can produce a comfortable, high pressured shower even with low water pressure systems.