Waterless Urinals


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Waterless Urinals – Renergise Supply A Full Range Of Waterless Urinal Products And Urinal Flushing Systems. The Waterless Systems Are The Most Economic And  Environmentally Friendly Urinal Solution Will Totally Eliminate Your Urinal Water Consumption And Urinal Water costs. Above all Renergise urinals are characterized by one fact: They work without water and without electricity. Thereby it is possible to save a lot of money. In addition Renergise urinals are odour free and more hygienic than most other urinals on the market today. They are also more hygienic. Bacteria proliferate much slower in the absence of water making Renergise urinals even more hygienic than conventional urinal systems. Bacteriological research has shown that from the hygienic point of view Renergise urinals have to be preferred to conventional urinals. Future-oriented technologies. The urinals are made of fibre reinforced plastic and have a very smooth gliding surface. Therefore Renergise urinals are very light (5-9 kg) and don’t need a special mounting frame for the installation. In addition the material is very long-living with perfect stability. Ecology and recycling. Our Urinals are made of fibre reinforced plastic and use a small percentage of the energy compared to the energy required to make ceramic urinals. Renergise urinals can be disposed and recycled without any problems.