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Renergise a Leading Supplier of Urban Rainwater Harvesting Solutions.

Save up to 50k annually on your water costs

We offer a range of products including the Super Slim Wall Tank at only 19 cm wide, filters, pumps and accessories specifically designed for above ground rainwater collection. Our products are ideally suited for installation in a confined space on domestic and light commercial property particularly as a retrofit solution for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

Water Saving Products & Services

The Supper Slim Wall Tank & Rainwater Harvesting System

for the urban ‘built up’ environment are a new innovation in Ireland and are widely used in other countries. These state-of-the-art modular systems are an attractive, practical and contemporary solution to saving and managing water.

Water Saving Products & Services

Rainwater harvesting systems with supper slim wall tanks

Renergise Super Slim Wall Tank Rainwater Harvesting System 2014

Rain falling on the roof of a building is channeled via the existing gutters and down pipe to a filter which removes leaf litter and other debris before diverting the water into a storage tank. When a service demands water a pump is automatically activated and draws water from the tank. In the event that there is insufficient rainwater to meet demand a mains water valve is automatically opened to partly refill the tank.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Additional Product Information

Our Rainwater Harvesting System collects rainwater for garden irrigation and toilet flushing. The slim profile modular tanks (each 220 litres) can be coupled together for extra capacity. A filter installed in the downpipe protects the quality of the water and a low pressure energy efficient pump is added to supply connected services.

The Renergise rainwater harvesting system is ideal for installing where space is limited and as a retrofit solution. A steel support frame makes this a safe and permanent fixture and all components are manufactured using high grade UV protected plastics for long life. A discreet and simple system to help homeowners minimize their use of mains water.

Water Saving Products & Services

Renergise Rainwater Harvesting Systems Three USP Statements

Renergise Super Slim Tank Brochure 10-10-2014

Renergise Rainwater Harvesting Systems Three USP Statements

  • Super slim profile, at 19 cm wide the slimmest rainwater tank system sold Ireland.
  • Modular design, making it easy to add capacity and customize with accessories.
  • Easy to install above ground system, incorporates a steel support frame to ensure a safe and permanent fixture.

Renergise is a supplier of urban rainwater harvesting systems for toilet flushing and garden irrigation. Our slim profile modular above ground systems offer rainwater recycling when space is limited and or a retrofit solution is needed. Products include the Super Slim Wall Tank at only 19 cm wide, filters and pumps which offer an affordable and practical approach to harvesting rainwater.

We are best known for our Super Slim Wall Tank System and larger capacity slim-line Tower Tank, however we also offer larger low profile Flatform Tanks for installation in a shallow excavation or below decking, with a capacity up to 7500 litres. Individual components can also be bought separately.

Rain Water Harvesting
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