Sensor Taps Swiss Manufactured Quality WRAS APPROVED by CONTi+

sensor taps swiss manufactured

Sensor Taps Swiss Manufactured Quality WRAS APPROVED by CONTi+

CONTI+ IQ A10, A20 & A30 WRAS APPROVED Sensor Taps

This popular water saver has become a classic thanks to its sleek shape and remarkable sensor eye. Innovative technology, a pleasing design and an unsurpassed variety of usage make this line of faucets a favourite among professionals. Whether for commercial, public or private use, CONTI offers the right choice for every application.






Sensor/electronic technology – infrared double-sensor technology works three-dimensionally. Upon recognizing an object, the digital micro-electronic sensor promptly turns the water on. Water only runs when needed – reliably and conveniently. An intelligent, logical design prevents malfunctions.


Click – this unique, patented touch button adds such practical features as “temporary-off” for undisturbed cleaning or “permanent-on” for convenient filling of the sink by “continuous run”.

sensor tap








Additionally a 24-hour hygienic rinse can be activated.


Technology – special valve technology ensures many years of reliable operation, lasting several million uses with assured shut-off functionality. Due to sturdy construction and durable finishes, this faucet line is an ideal choice for locations where vandalism is a concern. The compact design and sophisticated details enable easy installation and maintenance, just as easy as with conventional faucets.


sensor taps swiss manufacture quality wras approved

Sensor Taps Swiss Manufacture Quality WRAS APPROVED by CONTi+










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