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AirStar TH-C1 Hair Dryer


295.00 ex. VAT

AirStar TH-C1 Hair Dryer Quality Hair Dryers Made in Germany


AirStar TH-C1 Hair Dryer

AirStar TH-C1 Hair Dryer Quality Hair Dryers Made in Germany

Powerful – Economical – Hygienic!

AirStar TH-C1 Hair Dryer – The Advantages at a glance
Quality Made in Germany – Ultra Fast Hand Drying – Best Value For Money in its Class

The new AirStar hair dryer for the universal use sets high standards: above average performance, modern design, easy assembly. The new generation of High-speed Compact Class is produced with the undoubted Starmix technology and sealed with the “Made in Germany” quality.

With the possibility to mount the unit to the height adjustment H-C1, the hair dryer can be optimally adjusted to the “appropriate” body height. This is the optimal solution for children’s, elderly and handicapped, to dry their hair in sports facilities, swimming pool, public space or fitness centre. The AirStar TH-C1 shines in every sanitary environment. It ensures feel good and optimal hair drying.



Class High-speed Compact
ON/OFF switching touch-free
Housing material ABS plastic
Colour of housing white
Power plug yes
Permanent electrical wiring no
Sensor-controlled safety switch-off yes
Safety temperature limiter yes
Thermal fusible cut-out yes
Mounting plate yes
Mounting on height adjustment possible yes
Flush-to-wall mounting / protected against misuse yes
Recommended Applications Swimming pool, fitness centre, public space

Technical specifications

Running time (auto switch-off) 240 sec.
Rated power 900 Watt
Voltage/Frequency 230-240, 50/60 Volt/Hz
Heating power 400 Watt
Motor power 500 Watt
Air volume 22.00 l/s
Air velocity 200.0 km/h
Sound pressure 69 db
Dimensions W/D/H 268/182/304 mm
Weight 3.0 kg
Protection class (IP) IP23


I am on your side in the constant fight against unnecessary paper waste, mean bacteria and high costs – I am your  AirStar! My advanced technology dries your hands and hair ultra-fast with my high-speed power, hygienic, effectively and efficiently.

AirStar T-C1

AirStar T-C1 Hand Dryer

Environmentally friendly and hygienic.
No more annoying paper waste in the sanitation. The AirStar T-C1 electric hand dryer offers a cost savings of up to 80% compared to paper hand towels and cloth hand towel rolls. The device is 100% recyclable and thanks to contactless activation ensures absolutely hygienic hand drying.

Saving energy at full power is the slogan. Electricity savings even in high-powered sanitation – this is energy efficiency at its best. Nevertheless, this is not at the expense of performance. With the innovative nozzle construction, a hand drying time of only 17 seconds is achieved. A slight heating of the drying air takes place thanks to the operation of the engine.

Comfortable and stylish.
Maximum comfort meets attractive design. The integrated mounting plate and the maintenance-free motor make the device electrical-friendly. The surface is easy to clean and the intake grille can be cleaned by suction. This makes the device easy to handle for the cleaning person.

Intelligent and secure.
Double protection – inside and outside, through various precautions:
• Sensor safety shutdown avoids unnecessary operation
• Overheat protection by temperature limiter and thermal fuse
• Flush and back-mounted mounting
• Impact resistant ABS plastic

Certificates: IP23

Warranty Details: Standard 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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