Stainless Steel Dispenser WHITE 1500ml


129.00 ex. VAT

Large Capacity 1500ml WHITE Stainless Steel Dispenser For Alcohol Hand Sanitizer GEL or Liquid Soap


Stainless Steel Dispenser WHITE For Alcohol Hand Sanitizer GEL or Liquid Soap 1500ml

Stainless Steel Dispenser WHITE With Large Capacity 1500ml for Alcohol GEL Hand Sanitizer or Liquid Soap
This sturdy stainless steel hand sanitizer Alcohol GEL or Soap Dispenser, is suitable for wall mounting onto the walls in pubs, kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes and offices for greater accessibility. Presented in a stainless steel finish, this lockable dispenser can be easily topped up with hand sanitizer or liquid soap.

Pump Type: Alcohol GEL
Liquid Outlet: Non-leaking outlet for gel use
Material: Stainless Steel with no fingerprint
Volume: 1500ml Large Capacity
Flow Drop Adjustable: 1/2/3 drops for setting
Safety Lock: Suitable locking design for public places
Power Supply: 4 pcs AA Batteries (Not included)
Battery life: 30,000 times for one set of batteries
LED Reminder for low battery
Product size: L135xW102xH292mm
Colour: BLACK

Stainless Steel Dispenser White More Features:
1: Volume: 1500ml large capacity
2: Material: stainless steel with No Finger Print/Marking
3: Install: Wall mounted or metal stand mounted
4: Liquid outlet: Non-leaking outlet for GEL use
Level 1: Approx: 0.5ml/drop depend on the liquid density
Level 2: Approx: 1.0ml/drop depend on the liquid density
Level 3: Approx: 1.5ml/drop depend on the liquid density
5: Infrared sensor: Intelligent and hand free
6: Safety lock: Equipped with a key-safe and suitable locking design for public places
7: Power Supply: 4 pcs AA Alkaline batteries (Not included)
8: Battery life: 30,000 times working for one set of alkaline batteries
9: Low battery alert: the inside buzzer will alert since the power is lower than 4.5v


A cotton cloth slightly dampened in a soapy solution is recommended. Then dry off. Do not use any strong chemicals or cleaning agents that can be dangerous to children.

Renergise supply a wide selection of commercial soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, foaming soap dispensers, spray soap dispensers and liquid soap dispensers in manual, wall-mounted soap dispenser, automatic and deck mounted models. We have a comprehensive range of counter fitted and wall-mounted soap dispensers in a variety of materials and finishes, like ABS or stainless steel, allowing for any budget or design to be catered for. The range includes foaming soap, spray soap and liquid soap dispensers in manual, automatic and vanity options.

Washing the hands with soap and water is an essential part of hand hygiene.

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