Hygiene Face Shield


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Premium Lightweight Face Shield with Anti-Fog & Anti-Bacterial Coating

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Hygiene Face Shield with Anti-Fog & Anti-Bacterial Coating

Premium Lightweight Hygiene Face Shield with Anti-Fog & Anti-Bacterial Coating

Lightweight Face Shield With Anti-Fog Function & Excellent Anti-Bacterial Coating

Hygiene Face Shield Product Details:

Hygiene face shield with Anti-fog coating, it prevents fogging by breathing on the film surface so it gives you a clear vision at all times.
It is awarded SGS certification for 99.9% anti-bacterial performance for the combined Anti-Fog and Anti-bacterial film in the world’s first premium hygiene face shield. It will keep you safe from Colon Bacillus and Staphylococcus, and so on.
Hygiene Mask’s frame is really light weight, only 24g including film. Other products are over 29 > 42g.
Very comfortable to wear and use and also can be wearable on the glasses.
Easy Assemble / Disassemble
Unique design with easy assemble and disassemble into the locks of goggle frame by pushing and pulling the film without hooks.
It can be reusable just by washing the film.
Optimum Size
The Perfect Hygiene Face Mask with larger area to cover the face than any others. Shield type mask covering the whole face can protect your face from hazardous contaminants or unsafe substance..
Hospital(doctor, nurse), Nail salon, Researcher,Hairdressers, Stylist, Barbers, Shop workers, Chefs, Food plant operators, Assembly line operators, Hotel receptionists & front of house staff, Restaurant staff, Bar staff, Chemist & Pharmacy Staff, Bus drivers, Taxi drivers, Teachers, Child care workers, Air hostesses, Public transport in general and a wide range of other areas


hygiene face shield

Hygiene face shield

hygiene face shield

Hygiene Face Shield Ultra Lightweight















Help protect your-self from the Corona virus with our Premium Hygiene Face Shield

Provide an additional barrier to splashes or sprays of bodily fluid, e.g. coughing and sneezing & assist with infection control. Face shields are classified as adjunctive personal protective equipment (PPE) that provide barrier protection to the facial area and related mucous membranes (eyes, nose and mouth) from splashes and sprays of bodily fluid.

They should not be used alone, but in conjunction with other protective equipment, such as a medical-grade face mask or any other equipment in accordance with your industry standards or as recommended by your employer, etc.
Hygiene Mask ensures proper distance between employee’s and there co workers & customers. Moreover, it gives 99.9% protection against bacteria.
Furthermore, people can wear this mask for long periods of time without any discomfort, and it allows them to breathe without difficulty, all the while protecting the entire face, as well as the nose and mouth.

Everyone can use Hygiene Mask since it has an optimized one size for all.














Frame Color : Black Only
Light Weight : Only 24g including film.
Treated with Anti-fog & Anti-bacterial coating on the inside
SGS certification for 99.9% anti-bacterial protection
Using qualified optical film insures your vision is not restricted or impaired
Optimum size, clear view, non-stressful, reusable
Carton Size : 410 x 410 x 450mm
This face shield is designed to: Cover a person’s face.

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Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
















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