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Push Taps Water Saving Self Closing Taps (Pair)

€71.00 €59.95 ( ex. Vat )

Water Saving Non Concussive Push Tap

Push Taps Water Saving Self Closing Taps (Pair)

€71.00 €59.95 ( ex. Vat )

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Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
Save up to 75% of water & related energy costs
Push taps with automatic shut off after approximately 8-10 seconds
Normal delivery time 3 to 5 working days

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Product Description

Product Overview

Self Closing Push Taps
Self-closing push taps are a reliable non-concussive cartridge that reduces water consumption. Conventional taps can be left running for much longer than necessary, wasting both water and the fuel used to heat the water. The push down taps can considerably reduce water & waste, with the time delay mechanism that automatically shuts off which helps to avoid flooding.

Save up to 75% on your water & energy costs by installing self closing push taps.

Chrome Preset Self Closing Push Taps

  • 1/2 ” Self-closing push taps.
  • Non concussive push taps with automatic shut off after approximately 8-10 seconds


  • Handle Type Round
  • Product Finish Chrome


Bathrooms, Golf Clubs, Hotels, Hostels, Hospitals, Leisure Clubs, Nursing Homes, Offices, Universities, Schools, Shower Rooms, Sustainable Homes

Benefits & Key Features

  • Water is released when the user pushes the button and water stops after a pre-set time.
  • The push down tap heads also help to maintain good hygiene standards.
  • Installing push taps  is  an  essential  water and energy saving investment  as  it  maximises  revenue  savings through lower your water charges. The delay action type of push tap will provide up to 10 seconds of running water after being released.
  • Our Water Saving Push Taps are the most efficient on the market.
  • Push taps will save you water and reduce your water bills.
  • They have an aerator pre-fitted and with automatic shut off after approximately 8-10 seconds.
  • These taps are suitable for a wide range of settings from hotels, schools, factories leisure and sports clubs etc.
  • This tap is compliant with regulations for installation in Schools under the Summer Works Scheme Requirements.


Warranty Details:

Deva 12 year manufacturer’s warranty

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