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HORNE H25-11B TMV3 Mixing Valve


899.00 ex. VAT

HORNE H25-11B TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve
•Full bore fine mesh strainers
•Check valves on hot and cold supplies
•Swivel inlet connections with flat faced unions
•Compression fittings for 28mm OD copper pipe on all connections


HORNE H25-11B TMV3 Mixing Valve With Integral Isolating Valves

Including swivel inlet connections, strainers and check valves. Pipe connections by compression fitting for 28mm copper pipe. In bronze finish. Product Reference H25-11B and drawing D9341. To be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and commissioned in accordance with water regulations and bylaws using the Horne H25 Flushing kit.

HORNE H25-11B TMV3 MIXING VALVE Applications

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Suitable For Group Mixing Applications Such As Group Showers or Basins


  • High performance TMV3 approved thermostatic mixing valve delivers accurate and reliable temperature control
  • Full bore, high capacity fine mesh strainer optimised to protect the thermostatic mechanism and all downstream fittings
  • Swivel inlet connections for installation in any orientation
  • Integral isolating valves for ease of maintenance
  • Quick and easy to install – fewer pipe connections required than traditional installation
  • Easy access to strainers for maintenance, pipe flushing and water sample collection
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Maintenance support


  • HORNE 25 Flushing Kit
  • Monitoring Kit

HORNE H25-11B TMV3 MIXING VALVE Standards and Approvals

All materials in contact with water are WRAS approved.
All HORNE products are manufactured under our Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.  Certificate No. FM01224

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) mix the hot and cold water supplies to produce a temperature-controlled flow. The hot water supply is typically around 60°C, and is maintained at this temperature to prevent the growth of harmful organisms, such as Legionella bacteria.  A supply of higher temperature water is also required for cleaning and washing purposes in the kitchen and laundry while also increasing the overall capacity of warm water (mixed with cold) to the building. Water at 60°C, however, can scald and so it is mixed with cold water, at the point of discharge, to produce a flow at a safe and comfortable temperature of 41°C.

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