Adjustable Turbo Dual Flush Syphon


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Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications

Market-leading dual flush syphon

Save 2 to 3 Litres of water ever time you flush

Normal delivery time 3 to 5 working days


Dual Flush Syphon.

Convert your existing toilet to a dual flush system in minutes & start saving water every time you flush.

Can Save You Up To 30,000 Litres Of Water Per Year

Market-leading dual flush syphon that can be used as a replacement in most high and low level lever operated ceramic or concealed cisterns.

Dual flush, 6/7/9 litre convertible syphon with unique design for 5 minute servicing and water saving Duoflush.

Can be used with most lever operated cisterns.


  • The Height Adjustable Turbo Dual Flush Syphon incorporates a unique 2-part design that enables the syphon body to be simply removed from the cistern leaving the white downleg in position.
  • Servicing can then be completed in under 5 minutes without having to disconnect the water supply and dismantle the cistern.
  • The New Adjustable Turbo Dual Flush Syphon quickly and easily extends between 191mm (7½”) and 241mm (9½”) to fit most lever operated cisterns. This also provides plumbing merchants and installers alike with an extremely convenient solution.
  • New adjustable version extends from 191mm (7½”) to 241mm (9½”) to provide a convenient solution that fits most lever operated cisterns.
  • WRAS approved.
  • 38mm (1½”) diameter outlet.
  • Spares packs readily available.
  • 1.5″ Outlet


  • 6/7/9 litre convertible.
  • The dual flush syphon delivers water-saving reduced flush when lever is held down and full flush when lever is depresssed and released.
  • Water Technology List registered.
  • BMA Water Label Scheme recommended.

 Option / Size

191mm  (7½”) – 241mm (9½”) adjustable


2 piece for 5 min. servicing Yes
Duoflush Yes
One piece
Single flush Yes



Wras Approved, Water Efficient Product,Qualified Water Technology Listed, BMA Water Label Scheme recommended

Warranty Details:

Standard one year manufacturer’s warranty

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