Shower Panels By CONTi+

conti+ shower systems

Shower Panels By CONTi+ For more than 40 years, CONTI+ has been designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for hospitals, hotels, office and leisure facilities offering the highest level of hygiene and energy saving. From its headquarters in Switzerland, CONTI+ operates in 20 countries with factories in Switzerland and Germany.

CONTi+ Shower Systems With Programmable Hygienic Rinse & Thermal Disinfection.

Shower Panels By CONTi+ Electronic shower units with self-closing function and thermostatic mixer with anti-scalding protection, bypass solenoid valve for thermal disinfection

Options & Key Features

Electronic shower unit’s mains operation & battery operation or mechanical self-closing models. Chassis options in Stainless Steel, Composite material AVW (White) & Varicor mineral material (large range of colours to choose from)

Chassis options with or without built in soap tray

Shower Panels By CONTi+ Wide range of shower head options to choose from

Hygienic Rinse & Manual & Electronic Thermal Flushing Options

Contact Renergise Ltd for more details on all the CONTi+ Washroom Products & Solutions available for the Irish market.

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