Sporting Shower Panel Options From Renergise

sporting shower panel

Sporting Shower Panel Options From Renergise.

The new Duŝo Sporting Shower Panel specifically designed to suit the needs of sport and leisure markets.The Duŝo is available in 4 striking, visual design colour trims (paddle and spray plate), each with its own specification Aquamarine, Yellow, Grey and Black.

For team showers that offer a stylish and contemporary design, optimal performance and cost effectiveness, there really is no contest.

The operation of the Duŝo is very easy – requiring minimal pressure on the actuator paddle such that even a young child can start the shower with ease.

Sporting Shower Panel Assembly

Featuring hydraulically actuated timed-flow control, anodised aluminium column, chromium plated shower head, adjustable spray-plate and flow regulation (8 L/min).

Coloured actuator paddle and spray plate manufactured in robust and durable injection moulded polymers.


Group shower (pre-mixed water supply) provision for new build, refurbishment, retrofit and temporary installations in sport and leisure settings or where water conservation is a key requirement. Multiple shower columns should be supplied with pre-mixed water from a suitably sized thermostatic mixing valve.


Striking and colourful design

Robust construction, finish and fittings for extended lifespan

Vandal resistant shower head with 2 spray positions and easy clean nozzle array – see video above

Timed flow control for water and energy conservation: 60+ seconds duration.

Integral flow regulator (8 L/min) for water and energy conservation contributes to BREEAM rating

In-line fine mesh strainer protects timed flow control mechanism from damage by pipe debris

Quick and easy to install

Requires minimal maintenance

Parts and components suitable for recycling after operational lifespan

Operational Lifespan

The Duŝo has been designed for a maximised operational life through the use of quality, durable materials and a simple, yet clever, design that enables easy operation, maintenance and cleaning.

An extremely lightweight yet hard, strong and inert material, anodised aluminium is inherently suitable for school installations, team sports facilities as well as the harsh, chlorine-rich environment of an indoor water park or a salty coastal environment.

The polished and chromium plated brass shower head protects the active mechanism of the timed flow control while the actuator paddle and coloured trim are made from robust injection moulded polymers.

A factory endurance test of the actuator paddle mechanism, which requires minimal pressure to open the flow, involved over 2,000,000 hydraulic ram impacts of approximately 14Kgf – equating to over 4 years of continual, and rather severe, use.

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