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Irelands leading supplier of Water Saving Products and Services & energy efficient products

Renergise are a leading supplier of water saving products and water saving services to both the commercial and domestic market.

Our water saving shower heads are the best water saving shower on the market today, using leading edge air jet technology our water saving shower heads give you a power shower feeling using as little as 5 or 6 litres of water per minute.


Water Saving Products Will Save Water , Save Money & Help Save The Environment

Call the Renergise team now and start reducing your water bills tomorrow

At Renergise Ltd we strive for excellence in customer service our commitment is to provide the most Innovative water saving products in categories such as;

  • Water Saving Taps
  • Water Saving Showers
  • Water Saving Urinal Systems
  • Domestic Water Saving Products
  • Energy Saving Hand Dryers
  • Commercial Kitchen Systems
  • Renergise-Single-Room-Heat-Recovery-Units

Renergise’s aim is to have the water saving products our customers need for any application to help them get it right first time, through seasoned customer service staff and our comprehensive range of water saving products & energy saving products / with best spoke leading edge technologies

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