Water Saving Products On Display Energy Show 2015

Water Saving Products 2

Water Saving Products On Display Energy Show

Renergise had our water saving products on display at the Energy Show 2015

Products on display at our stand at the Energy Show included,

Water Saving Shower Heads With Air Jet Technology

With the latest in water saving Air Jet Technology & unique JETCORE flow regulator system.

Reducing your water consumption and also saving on your heating costs. Our water saving shower head can save up to 70% water and still deliver the same great performance.

Water Saving Products 3

RainFall Shower Head With AiRex Water Saving Technology

RainFall Shower Head With AiRex Water Saving Technology delivers fewer litres of water per minute but still gives the user a very satisfying burst of water thanks to the latest in Air Jet Technology.

RainFall Shower Head

RainFall Shower Head

SWISS QUALITY Sensor Taps, With Superior technology for maximum comfort 

Sensor tap with superior technology for maximum comfort. Compact and solid in design, this model is predestined for hand sinks in rest areas, stadiums, schools, restaurants, hotels and other public areas. The latest in innovative technology offers the best in comfort.

Renergise Sensor Taps Ultra Expert Models 30-10-2014.jpg

Urinal Flush Control System

By installing a Urinal Flush Control System you can save up to €2,000 per year.

Drastically cut your water consumption by installing the Renergise – Autosave Infrared Urinal Flush Control – battery powered for hassle-free installation. ‘Easy to install and commission, with long service life, this control is one of the best and most reliable on the market’ according to our customers.


Swivel Aerator with dual spray for kitchen taps

This WRAS approved Swivel Aerator Dual Spray With Bubble Stream Tap Aerator is an easy to fit tap attachment that has been cleverly designed to provide you a multi-directional spray at only 8 litres per minute, making it an ideal water saving device for your home. By packing the tap’s stream with tiny, soft bubbles, this tap aerator allows you to use less water and save money.

Kitchen Swivel Aerator


Water Saving Tap Spray Flow Regulator 3.5 Litres Per Minute Flow Rate (Twin Pack)

This 3.5Lpm Water Saving PCA Tap Spray Aerator is WaterSense certified and can save you up to 75 percent water compared to using the standard aerator. This aerator has a economical spray stream.

Flow rate of 3.5 litres a minute compared to standard wasteful output of up to 20 litres.



Tap Aerator

Adjustable Turbo Dual Flush Syphon

Convert your existing toilet to a dual flush system in minutes & start saving water every time you flush.

Dual Flush Syphon

Height Adjustable Turbo Dual Flush Syphon


Market-leading dual flush syphon that can be used as a replacement in most high and low level lever operated ceramic or concealed cisterns.

Dual flush, 6/7/9 litre convertible syphon with unique design for 5 minute servicing and water saving Duoflush.

Can be used with most lever operated cisterns.

Toilet Tank Bank

Toilet Tank Bank WC Water Saving Device.

The Toilet Tank Bank is an easy-to-use, quick-to-install water saving device.

Simply fill it with water and clip onto the inside of the toilet cistern wall.

WC Water Saving Toilet Tank Bank

Toilet Tank Bank

With a patented air lock and fill valve, the Toilet Tank Bank eliminates water evaporation and odours and will never require maintenance.The Water Saving Toilet Tank Bank is the easiest to use WC water saving device, just fill it up and hang in toilet cistern.

Water Saving In Line Flow Regulating Valve – Low Cost Water Saving Device

In Line Flow Regulating Valve - Fitting

The Water Saving In Line Flow Regulating Wondervalve is the smarter isolation valve because it saves you money. It’s been cleverly designed to carry a constant flow regulating cartridge. That means you’ll use less water, and if it’s hot water, you’ll reduce your energy costs too. Now that is smart.

Rainwater Harvesting System With Super Slim Wall Tank (440 litre)

Rainwater Harvesting System With Super-Slim Rainwater Tank is the narrowest wall mounted tank available and its unique design makes it visually discreet and easy to install. Multiple tanks can be joined together to achieve the desired storage capacity. It is affordably priced and easy to integrate into a wide range of above ground urban rainwater collection and utilisation systems.

rainwater harvesting system layout

Rainwater Harvesting System Layout

The complete rainwater harvesting system with, comes with 440 litre super slim wall tank, filter, rainwater delivery pump and mains top up valve.


German Quality Eco Hand Dryers

The new XT 1000 Eco Fast Hand Dryer is the worlds smallest high speed energy saving hand dryer

Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer



Single Room Heat Recovery

Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilation The Best Solution For Condensation and Mould Growth Problems

Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilation

Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilation

For single room heat recovery ventilation our TwinFresh Comfo series is an easy and effective solution for arranging of single room heat recovery ventilation and energy saving ventilation in separate rooms, in flats, cottages, offices, hotels, cafes and other residential and public premises.

The unit is equipped with a ceramic heat exchanger that provides extract air thermal energy utilization for warming up of supply air. High-tech ceramic energy accumulator with regenerating efficiency up to 91 %

The unit is designed for through-the-wall mounting. The unit telescopic structure makes it suitable for installation in the walls from 300 mm (11 13/16’’) up to 570 mm (22 7/16”)

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