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renergise water saving sensor taps

Water Saving Services

Renergise Water Saving Taps saves up to 80% on water.

Ireland’s leading commercial and industrial Water Management Specialists, and leading supplier of water saving products.

Our commercial and domestic water saving products & services have been proven to deliver a reduction in water & energy costs of up to 70%.

Water Saving Products, Water Audits, Water Monitoring, Water Saving Shower Heads, Water Saving Taps

Renergise provides a complete set of water saving products and services & consulting services. We help our clients manage their water consumption. Our team of engineers carry-out water audits, detailed analysis of clients’ water systems & water usage to provide solid recommendations for effective water savings measures.

Water Saving Products & Services

Renergise Non Concussive Taps

Renergise offer a range of Non Concussive and Sensor taps to both the commercial and domestic market.

The Renergise range of non-concussive taps are designed for use with our thermostatic mixing valves. When operated manually, the tap functions for a period

of time and then closes automatically. Pre-set automatic shut off after approximately 8-10 seconds. This operation makes the tap ideal for use in a wide range of settings from hotels, schools, factories, leisure and sports clubs etc. It is also perfect for use as a water economy device. These taps can save up to 80% compared to the conventional two handle taps. As the tap does not have to be touched again after hand washing the Renergise tap is the perfect solution for public and commercial use;

Water Saving Products & Services

Renergise Sensor Taps

The Renergise range of sensor taps can save up to 80% on the traditional taps in use today. The Renergise sensor taps are revolutionary that puts users at the centre of their design.

The sophisticated technology surpasses all modern demands of function and efficiency. The tap also adapts to the specific requirements of the surroundings, from Hotels and Hospitals to Airports, Factories, Schools, Leisure and Sports Clubs. Economy, stability, maximum hygiene, easy installation, and maintenance. The Renergise Sensor Taps brings together everything that a modern tap design should and must.

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