Urinal Control Systems



Water Saving Services

Control your Urinals and save up to 90% on water.

Uncontrolled Urinals in Ireland flush day and night whether in use or not, wasting thousands of euros in water charges every year.

An uncontrolled Urinal will use up to 300,000 Litres of water annually. A Urinal controlled by a Renergise Urinal Management System will use less than 70,000 Litres of water annually.

This equates to a huge saving of 230,000 litres of water annually.

Renergise offer a range of both PIR managed systems and also Waterless Urinal Systems.

Water Saving Products & Services

Example of Water Savings by SectorRenergise Autosave Urinal Flushing Control

saves water by flushing urinals only after use. A built in PIR sensor detects persons in the toilet area and initiates a cistern fill and flush cycle at a pre-set time later. The features of these include;

  • 6-12 month payback period
  • 12 or 24 hour hygiene flush
  • 3 year guarantee
  • ECA listed and Wras approved product

Water Saving Products & Services

Renergise Biological & Chemical Retro Fit Urinal Sleeves

The biological installation kit is available in 2 sizes to fit all standard applications. These are easy to install, the sleeves contain highly effective urine eating enzymes to keep Urinals clean, fresh and free from blockages .Biological sleeves are best for smaller applications, combined with a timed urinal controller to deliver a recommended 2-4 flushes per day, drastically reducing water bills.

Water Saving Products & Services

Our Services IncludeRenergise Waterless Urinal System

The Renergise Waterless no Water Urinals may look similar to regular water flushing urinals, but they use no water and have no flush valves. They have a unique housing and cartridge system. There are two different types of systems available.

Liquid Barrier Oil System and Enviroseal Dry Cartridge System.

Renergise Smart Flushing Urinal Control System
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