Water Saving Calculator



Save up to 70% of Water just by changing your Shower Head

Water Saving Caculator

Calculate Savings With Our Water Saving Shower Head
1Number of Showers
2Duration of Showers in minutes
3Existing Shower Flow Rate / Litres Per Minute
4Renergise Shower Flow Rate / Litres Per Minute
5Cost of Water Per m3 / 1,000 Litres
Annual Savings (Water & Energy)
Total Water Savings (Annually) m3
Reduction in Co2/tonnes (Annually)

The best water saving shower heads on the market today

Water Saving Calculator

Renergise water saving showers give you the same invigorating shower, whilst reducing water consumption and heating costs. Our water saving shower head can save up to 70% water and still deliver the same great performance you are used to.

Water Saving Calculator

Simple Calculator To Find Your Average Annual Water Use.

Want To Save Water And Money! With Our Water Usage Calculator

Saving water at home is easy. First, use this simple water saving calculator to find your average annual water use

Home water conservation is easy once you understand how and where you can use less. The quick and easy Water Calculator shows you how much water you are using and your estimate water & energy costs.

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