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Ireland's leading Water Management Specialists

Water Saving Products

Renergise Ltd offer a comprehensive water conservation service to all our customers from initial contact with the sales team to offering water saving products and recommendations on water saving measures that best suit their specific requirements.

Renergise Ltd was founded in 2009 with offices in both Co Kerry and Co Galway in Ireland. Renergise has firmly established itself as the leading supplier of water saving products in the Irish sustainability market, providing water management solutions for both the commercial and Domestic markets through out Ireland.

With Water Meters and rising water costs the latest challenge facing Businesses, Schools, Hospitals and Homes in Ireland today. Renergise is committed to helping customers to better understand and manage there water use, providing water saving products, services and consultancy to support water users seeking to achieve sustainable business.

These Services Include

We provide consulting and design expertise in many areas related to the efficient use of water and supplier of leading technology in water saving products.

  • Water Audit service
  • Detail recommendations on water saving technologies, with savings / payback projections
  • Water Monitoring / Leak Detection Services
  • Supply & distribute a comprehensive range of water & energy saving products / with best spoke leading edge technologies
  • Onsite training and awareness days

Industries We Serve

Renergise Ltd offer this service to a wide range of industries including;

  • Hotels
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Schools / Colleges
  • Blue Chip Companies
  • Offices
  • Leisure Centres
  • Facility Management Companies
  • Domestic Households

At Renergise Ltd we strive for excellence in customer service our commitment is to provide the most Innovative products in categories such as;

  • Water Saving Taps
  • Water Saving Showers
  • Water Saving Urinal Systems
  • Domestic Water Saving Products
  • Energy Saving Hand Dryers
  • Commercial Kitchen Systems
  • Renergise-Single-Room-Heat-Recovery-Units

Renergise’s aim is to have the product our customers need for any application to help them get it right first time, through seasoned customer service staff and our comprehensive range of water & energy saving products / with best spoke leading edge technologies

Example of

Savings by Sector;

  • Hotels Saving up to 50% ( up to €50K per annum on water & energy costs)
  • Office Blocks Saving up to 70%.
  • Homes Saving up to 60%
  • Hospitals Saving up to 60%
  • Schools Saving up to 60%
  • Commercial Premises Saving up to 70%
  • Leisure Clubs Reducing water usage by over 60%
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