Heat Recovery Ventilation


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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Renergise supply a wide range of heat recovery ventilation systems. Our Single Room Heat Recovery Systems are perfect if you are looking to solve a damp, condensation and mould problem in your home, office or work space. Heat recovery ventilation systems provide all year round ventilation suitable for domestic homes, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Our range of energy-efficient heat recovery systems are designed for optimizing indoor air quality while hampering moisture build-up and mould growth.

Our systems also provide considerable savings in heating costs – combined with low acquisition and operating costs and of course the quality and safety guaranteed by our reputation. Ventilation systems should be installed in every new build and energy retrofit. The reduced levels of indoor air pollution are reason enough to invest in a smart ventilation system.

Decentralised Heat Recovery Ventilation & Demand Controlled Ventilation

Fresh air is vital for us and contributes significantly to our well-being. Various factors influence whether we perceive a room as pleasant. Moisture, oxygen content, vapours from furniture, paint or floor coverings. Unwanted smells create an unpleasant room climate.

Whether it’s renovation of an old building or a new building project, whether it’s an apartment, single-family home or apartment building the possible uses of decentralized ventilation systems are diverse.


Individually adjustable supply of fresh air

Removal of moisture

Removal of stale air and bad smells

Optimization of the indoor climate for a better well-being

Saving of heating energy

Increase in building value retention

Individual solutions, both for the renovation of old buildings and for new buildings

Burglary protection (no window ventilation necessary)

Take advantage of the strengths of smart ventilation and enjoy a new quality of living.

The Best Solution For Condensation and Mould Growth Problems.