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Renergise monitoring system is the ideal starting point for any water conservation project. Making efficient use of your installed meters means using them for more than simple billing. Renergise allows you to keep track of each meter through the full lifecycle, recording all incidents and reporting for water conservation and leak detection.

Smart Metering & Water Monitoring Services is an extremely inexpensive solution to provide our Commercial Customers the ability to monitor their Water Consumption on a daily basis & collecting real time hourly profile data of their Water usage. Once you have recorded your data overtime, the system allows you to set realistic parameters for any unsuspected activity. Increased consumption/leaks, no period of ‘No Flow’, Back flow and many other Alarms can be set so that automatically the right resource can be emailed or SMS Texted with the non conformance. Leakage Detection is almost real time, some Customers have already identified leaks and the cost of our Water Monitoring System installation has been met by the money saved by fixing the leaks, dripping taps etc. Automatic Meter Reading – No more lifting heavy manhole covers get your meter readings at your Pc / online, via our web portal.

Access all your meters information, anywhere, anytime. Providing your School/Hotel/Business with detailed daily 24/7 consumption reports. Data can easily be analysed and viewed by last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks and all data.

Click on the view in which you want to see your data in.The data can easily downloaded into csv format, again just click on the down load icon.

Simply by monitoring water consumption you could reduce your water usage significantly.

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