Single Room Heat Recovery Units

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Renergise offer a range of Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilators to both the commercial and domestic market.

Renergise Single Room Heat Recovery Unit provides a continuous air change, replacing stale moisture laden air with fresh, warmed air from outside. Unlike conventional extractor fans which suck out and waste expensively produced heat, Renergise Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilators recover up to 91% of exhaust heat, even when operating on boost mode.

The Renergise HRV units are easy to fit and provide an effective solution to stale, musty indoor air condensation and mould growth problems, the units create a dramatic improvement in the quality of the indoor air supply.

  • Save up to 91% of your heat loss,
  • Lower bills.
  • Quietest unit available on the market,
  • Easy to install,
  • Perfect for your bedroom because it includes a night sensor.

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