Energy Saving Hand Dryers


Renergise Stainless Steel Vandal Proof Hand Dryer

Energy Saving Hand Dryers

Renergise Eco Hand Dryers saving up to 50% in Energy Costs.

Renergise offer a range of Energy Saving Hand Dryers to both the commercial and domestic market. Renergise energy saving hand dryers are designed to dry hands in a fraction of the time old fashioned dryers take. But, with the Renergise energy saving hand dryers, they use very little electricity making them cheap to run. When compared to the use of towels, with their associated cleaning or disposal costs, they are also environmentally friendly. High powered, economic and ecological – Renergise Eco Hand dryers are the modern solution for washrooms everywhere.

Energy Saving Hand Dryers

Renergise TT 1800 E

The modern maintenance-free hot-air hand dryer in attractive design. Through novel airflow powerful hygienic stream of hot air for fast, economical pleasant hand drying.

Perfect for; Hotels, Factories, Public Institutions, Sport Facilities, Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Colleges, Restaurants etc….

Rated Power 1,000 watt / heating capacity 900 watt

Energy Saving Hand Dryers

XT 1000 EcoFast

The new XT 1000 EcoFast Energy Saving Hand Dryer is the world’s smallest high-speed hand dryer. This hand dryer allows fastest, eco-friendly, energy-saving hand drying, thanks to its strong, extremely concentrated air flow. The dryer is extremely small, compact, and fits perfectly to all kind of bathroom interior design. The vandal-proof metal case makes the dryer nearly indestructible.

High Speed Air Blade Energy Saving Hand Dryers

  • 1000 Watt NOMINAL CAPACITY ( 500 W motor: 500 W heating
  • 40% ENERGY-SAVING in comparison to traditional hand dryers
  • 80% Less CO2 EMISSION in comparison to paper towels

Energy Saving Blade Hand Dryer with low energy consumption drying both sides of the hands

Energy Saving Hand Dryers

Product Features & Benefits

  • 10-12 second dry time
  • 25% greater hand drying cavity opening provides comfortable dry without touching sides of hand dryer
  • HEPA filter with neutralizing tablet reduces contaminates in the air when hand drying
  • Water collection reservoir eliminates water from collecting on the floor resulting in reduced maintenance
  • LED display indicates when to empty water tray and change HEPA filter for easy maintenance
  • Quiet operation ideal for sound sensitive areas
  • Simple mounting bracket with polarized plug for easy installation
  • Incorporates antimicrobial technology inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mould and fungus extending the dryer’s service life
  • Automatic operation promotes hand hygiene
  • Durable and vandal resistant
  • IP33 ingress protection against harmful water ingress
Hand Dryers
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