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Urinal Flushing Controls – By Installing The Renergise Urinal Flush Control System You Can Save Up To €2,000 Per Year. Urinal Flushing Systems Drastically Reduce Your Water Usage. Drastically cut your water consumption by installing the Renergise Urinal Flush Control System. Battery powered for hassle-free installation. Easy to install and commission, with long service life, this control is one of the best and most reliable on the market according to our customers. 6v Battery Operated 15mm Urinal Flush Control with integral PIR Sensor and Remote Solenoid Valve for concealed cisterns e.g. those fitted behind panel work and also for installations where the cistern is situated at a distance from the urinal bowl. The Renergise urinal flush control saves water by flushing urinals only after use. A built-in infrared PIR sensor detects persons in the toilet area and initiates a cistern fill and flush cycle a pre-set time later. A pre-wired remote solenoid valve allows for a flexible and easy installation process. With the simple push button setup procedure sets the cistern fill time and a programmable switch enables the installer to choose the flushing frequency and also to set a hygiene flush interval for periods when the building is unoccupied.