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Face Shields

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Premium Lightweight Hygiene Face Shields with Anti-Fog & Anti-Bacterial Coating. Hygiene face shields with Anti-fog coating, it prevents fogging by breathing on the film surface so it gives you a clear vision at all times. EXCELLENT ANTI-BACTERIAL FUNCTION It is awarded SGS certification for 99.9% anti-bacterial performance for the combined Anti-Fog and Anti-bacterial film in the world’s first premium hygiene face shield. It will keep you safe from Colon Bacillus and Staphylococcus, and so on. ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT Hygiene face shield frame is really light weight, only 24g including film. COMFORTABLE very comfortable to wear and use and also can be wearable on the glasses. Economical
It can be reusable just by washing the film. Optimum Size The Perfect Hygiene Face Shields with larger area to cover the face than any others. Shield type mask covering the whole face can protect your face from hazardous contaminants or unsafe substance. Unique design with easy assemble and disassemble into the locks of goggle frame by pushing and pulling the film without hooks