Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator Kair HRV150


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Energy Efficient Continuous Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Up to 86%

Quietest unit available on the market.

Normal delivery time 3 to 5 working days


Single Room Heat Recovery Product Overview

The Best Solution For Condensation and Mould Growth Problems in a Single Room
The Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator Energy Efficient For Continuous Heat Recovery For Healthy Air In Kitchens, Bathrooms, Utility Rooms, Living Rooms, Lavatories, Washrooms, Conservatories, Offices and Bedrooms. Designed to reduce condensation and mould growth in single rooms such as Kitchens and Bathrooms and whisper quiet for operation in bedrooms. Recycles energy and heat.

Heat Recovery Applications

Single Room Heat Recovery Energy Efficient Continuous Heat Recovery For Healthy Air In Kitchens, Bathrooms, Utility Rooms, Living Rooms, Lavatories, Washrooms, Conservatories, Offices And Bedrooms

Product Features

  • Meets IEE, SELV and Building Regulation requirements
  • Up to 86% Heat Recovery
  • Easy to install (no external access required – 152mm Core Drill)
  • Whisper quiet Continuous running trickle ventilation
  • Humidity sensor (preset or adjustable)
  • Night sensor allows Bedroom installation
  • Low running costs
  • Tamper proof screws (optional)
  • Balanced airflow (input and extract)
  • Energy savings – differential payback within 4 years against conventional extractor fans
  • Security ventilation™ (no need to open windows)
  • Health benefit – Produces dramatic improvements of indoor air quality

General Product Information

The Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilators provide a continuous air change, replacing stale moisture laden air with fresh, warmed air from outside. Kair™ units are easy to fit and provide an effective solution to stale, musty indoor air condensation and mould growth problems in any room in which they are fitted.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike conventional extractor fans which suck out and waste expensively produced heat, Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilators recover up to 86% of exhaust heat, even when operating on boost mode. The world is becoming increasingly aware of the enormous cost of energy production, and this, plus the use of fossil fuels to generate power, is a momentous environmental issue.

Extractor fans potentially waste over a million kilowatts of energy every year. This is comparable to the total output of two large power stations. Replacing conventional extractor fans with heat recovery systems could save at least half of that energy loss.

Health Dividend

As long ago as 1989, an article in the British Medical Journal referred to the health hazards associated with condensation and mould growth in dwellings. The Statutory Fitness Standard clearly states that dwellings with inadequate ventilation, condensation and mould growth problems are unfit for human habitation and Building Regulation Guidelines require a supply of fresh air and the removal of pollutants.

Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator Units, by reducing humidity to optimum levels (Kair Health Line™), eradicate condensation, prohibit mould growth and discourage the spread of bacteria, viruses and dust mite activity. By expelling dust particles, gasses and other household pollutants, the units create a dramatic improvement in the quality of the indoor air supply.

How It Works

Kair Single Heat Recovery Room Ventilators provide a continuous air change, replacing stale moisture-laden unhealthy air with filtered, fresh, warmed air from outside the dwelling. The continuous controlling of Relative Humidity levels ensures that conditions will not exist in which condensation or mould growth problems can develop and thrive.


The isolating transformer / humidity sensor control unit includes a thumb wheel to adjust the setting for the humidity level at which the fans are switched from trickle to boost mode. Once set, the thumb wheel can be removed and a blanking plate installed to prevent further adjustment, if desired. A pull cord provides a manual override option to facilitate additional ‘boost’ supplies of fresh filtered air.

Product Maintenance

Filters should be removed regularly and replaced or cleaned with a domestic vacuum cleaner or washed if exceptionally dirty. The motors are guaranteed for 5 years and are fitted with ‘Sealed for Life’ bearings, which do not require maintenance or lubrication. ‘Through the wall’ or Window Kit versions of the Kair™ Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator can be serviced and maintained from inside the building with no requirement for external access.

Electrical Safety

Installation can be carried out by a suitably qualified craftsman and connected to electrical supply by an electrician in accordance with IEE Regulations. The single room heat recovery ventilator and control unit have been tested for electrical safety in accordance with the requirements of HD 280 S1 and HD 251 S3. They meet the requirements of the Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1989.


The amount of heat energy recovered by the KHRV150 single room heat recovery ventilator is dependent on temperature operating conditions (internal & external) together with the airflow rates through the heat exchanger. The airflow is dependent the operating mode and on the pressure difference across the unit.

Why Specify Kair™

Ventilation is necessary to maintain a healthy and comfortable internal environment and to rapidly remove pollutants such as moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), allergens such as dust, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours.

Moisture is generally assumed to be the most significant of these pollutants because of the high rates of generation from cooking, bathing, washing, drying etc and the consequential condensation and mould growth problems. It follows that if the ventilation strategy is based on controlling this principle pollutant by heat recovery input / extract ventilation then logically the other indoor pollutants will also be adequately controlled.

Stale air, and air which is hot or humid, should be replaced at a reasonable rate. Good ventilation means providing a balance between energy efficient and healthy indoor air best summed up by the catchphrase ‘Build tight – ventilate right’. The fresh air supply rate should not normally fall below 5 to 8 l/s per occupant. This is best achieved by creating continuous air changes of 0.5 to 1.0 every hour, throughout the entire dwelling as specified in D.E.T.R. Good Practice Note 268.

Although Building Regulations relate to new buildings, the guidance on ventilation is applicable to existing dwellings and, most important of all, the regulations are concerned with minimising the risk to health from the build up of pollutants. KHRV150 helps to satisfy all of these criteria.


The unit meets IEE, SELV and Building Regulations.

Warranty Details:

Standard 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Downloads & Instructions

Installation Instructions
The ‘through the wall unit’ is designed for easy installation by use of a 152mm core drilled hole.
Installation is undertaken entirely within a building with no requirement for external access, thus reducing installation costs on High Rise applications.
Suitable for wall thickness from 229mm to 356mm. An extension kit is available for walls up to 1 metre thickness.
A window kit is available for installation through single or double glazed windows.
Full installation instructions are provided with the unit.




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Technical Specification

IP Ratings: IP57 SELV Heat exchanger / wall unit
IP Ratings: IP30 SELV Transformer
Heat exchanger / wall unit: IP57 Aluminium heat exchanger combined with 2 low voltage motors in combined assembly for complete safety especially in the splash zones of bathrooms and showers
Transformer (12V AC) is mounted remotely outside of Zones 1 and 2.
Full installation instructions are provided with the unit.


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