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Rainwater Harvesting System With Super Slim Tank


1,499.00 ex. VAT

Super Slim Wall Tank Complete Rainwater Harvesting System.

System includes Tank 440 litre, Wall fixings, Filters, Pump & Mains Top Up Kit

Normal delivery time 5 to 7 working days


Rainwater Harvesting System With Super Slim Wall Tank (440 litre)

Rainwater Harvesting System With Super-Slim Rainwater Tank is the narrowest wall mounted tank available and its unique design makes it visually discreet and easy to install. Multiple tanks can be joined together to achieve the desired storage capacity. It is affordably priced and easy to integrate into a wide range of above ground urban rainwater collection and utilisation systems.

The complete rainwater harvesting system with, comes with 440 litre super slim wall tank, filter, rainwater delivery pump and mains top up valve.

The complete entry level rainwater harvesting system for retrofit, smaller property and installing in a confined space, incorporating a wall tank, filter, rainwater delivery pump and mains top up valve.

  • Super slim profile, at 19cm wide the slimmest rainwater tank system sold Ireland.
  • Modular design, making it easy to add capacity and customise with accessories.
  • Easy to install aboveground system, incorporates a steel support frame to ensure a safe and permanent fixture.

The Super Slim Wall Tank System is modular, easy to install and durable and is manufactured to the highest standards. This proven product incorporates the best features of above ground rainwater harvesting design and is ideal for supplying water for toilet flushing, laundry and garden use.

The Super Slim Wall Tank Rainwater Harvesting System Features;

  • 440 litre Super Slim base tank system (only 19cm wide) with add-on tanks in 220 litre increments
  • Anchored to a wall with a galvanised steel support frame
  • Secure inter tank connection
  • High performance Frogmouth filter diverter and optional Lazy Lizard finer second stage filter
  • Quiet and energy efficient pump that delivers rainwater on demand to connected services
  • Automatic mains water top up valve
  • Requires a single downpipe connection and power point
  • Supplied with pack of regulation advisory labels

The tank system is made from high density food grade polyethylene and all components feature high levels of UV protection. The system is easy to install by a competent DIY or general trades installer. When a connected service demands water, the pump is activated to draw water from the tank. In the event that demand exceeds the available rainwater a mains water valve is automatically opened to partly refill the tank.

Simple – Reliable – Affordable

  1. Filter diverter
  2. Modular tanks
  3. Tank outlet
  4. On-demand pump
  5. Connected services
  6. Irrigation via hose and rose gun
  7. Mains water top up valve


Warranty Details:

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Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 160 × 19 × 180 cm

Downloads & Instructions

Click here to view Super Slim Wall Tank Installation Guide

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Technical Specification

Twin tank 440 litre base unit is 160 x 19 x 180 cm including the steel support frame and wall fixings.

Click here to view the Super Slim Wall Tank Rainwater Harvesting System Brochure

Click here to view Super Slim Tank Brochure

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