Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid 5 Litre


27.95 ex. VAT

Fast acting fast drying hand & surface sanitizer liquid containing 70% ethanol & 100% Irish product


Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitiser Liquid 5 Litre Can

Alcohol hand sanitiser liquid 5 litre for use after routine hand washing

Our Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitizer is ideal for use in food machinery, filling and packing equipment, counter tops, sink areas, chopping boards, cutting and sawing equipment, all food preparation areas.
Product is ready to use which is the time saver for busy environments such as kitchen, busy café or other food consuming environment.
Our Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitizer is also safe for food and no rinse required which makes product super easy to use with a minimal effort.

Alcohol hand sanitiser liquid is a handy solution when soap or water is not readily available. It rapidly evaporates from hands without leaving residues.
This product is essential in health care industries, nurseries, schools, residential nursing homes and anywhere with good hygiene practises.
Hand sanitiser liquid will help kill 99% of bacteria and viruses on your skin and will reduce the chances of catching or spreading any viruses.

Simply apply small amount of alcohol hand sanitiser liquid to palms and spread over hands and lower forearms, paying special attention to cuticles and creases in the skin.
Rub in well until the skin is dry.
This should take around 20 seconds – DO NOT rinse or wipe off the hand sanitiser before it’s dry. Drying hands is not necessary as the product will evaporate leaving the skin refreshed and sanitised.

Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Please Note: Care should be taken with this product as it is flammable.

Container comes with a standard screw cap.
Label and container design may vary, images are for illustrative purposes only.

Please note due to the high content of alcohol we cannot ship orders of alcohol hand sanitiser liquid outside of Ireland.

Due to the nature of this product and once dispatched from our warehouse there is no return on these.

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