iQua Ultra GM10 Sensor Tap – With Temperature Mixing (Battery)


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Swiss Quality Sensor Tap, With Superior Technology

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Swiss Manufactured Quality Sensor Tap

i QUA Ultra GM10 Commercial Sensor Tap, With Temperature Mixing
Sensor Tap with Superior technology for maximum comfort – compact and solid in design, this model is predestined for hand sinks in rest areas, stadiums, schools, restaurants, hotels and other public areas. The latest in innovative technology offers the best in comfort.

First Choice for Any Application

When it comes to meeting the highest hygiene standards, water and energy-saving requirements, and ensuring safety against vandalism, our ultra-series is the best faucet choice. With its multitude of designs, ultra meets any requirement in terms of size, function, power supply, etc. for any environment, including public restrooms and washrooms in commercial establishments.
The trend-setting concept combines quality, sustainability, and reliability at an extremely attractive price- performance ratio.

Installing Sensor Taps Will Help Reduce Your Water Usage By Up To 90%


Bathrooms, Golf Clubs, Hotels, Hostels, Hospitals, Leisure Clubs, Nursing Homes, Offices, Universities, Schools, Shower Rooms, Sustainable Homes

Benefits & Key Features

  • Sustainability
    Ultimate water saving and energy efficiency based on sophisticated technology. Years of trouble-free operation due to high-quality materials and components.
  • Hygiene
    Protection against bacteria transfer due to hands-free operation. Prevention of germ build-up through the use of bacteriostatic materials and hygienic rinsing.
  • One Tool Service
    A single Allen key is all one needs to open the faucet. Afterwards, tool-free servicing can be carried out in seconds via connector-free plug and play.
  • Modular Design
    An individual, tailor-made faucet for any environment and application, because of the intelligent modular design concept.
  • Pioneering Energy Options
    Extension of battery life up to eight years using solar power generated from natural and artificial light or by generating electricity from the integrated, water-driven turbine.


  • Twist Stop
    Shut-off valve inside faucet, Adjustable scalding protection, LED status display, iQua-Touch for special functions and programming.
  • Water Saving
    Low flow rates of 6 or even only 2 litres per minute thanks to a choice of aerators. Water flow delay time can be reduced, resulting in even lower water consumption.

Product Features

  • Modular single-piece design, without separate installation box, sturdy metal housing
  • Dual infrared sensors with automatic setting feature, microprocessor-electronic
  • Reliable solenoid valve (minimal level of water pressure surge)
  • Vandal-resistant aerator (replaceable with integrated tool)
  • Cold water supply connection with flexible high-pressure hose
  • Built in filter
  • Integrated automatic shut-off for facilitate replacing or cleaning the filter (no shut-off to angle valves required)
  • One Tool Service / all system parts accessible from above
  • Automatic energy saving function (solar)
  • 12 or 24-hour hygienic rinse activate able with Touch
  • Integrated battery unit
  • Compatible service monitor: control of stored operational data, settings and control functions


Engineering standards: DIN EN 200; CE

Warranty Details:

Standard two year manufacturer’s warranty

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Technical Specification

Renergise iqua ultra lavatory faucet GM10, IR-sensor, with temp. mixing, battery, chrome
Operating pressure: 0.3 – 10 bar
Flow rate: 5.7 l/min. (3 bar)
Max. water temperature: 80° C
Aerator: aerator RC
Flexible hoses: 35 cm
Angle valve connection: G 3/8″
Filters: 0.5 mm mesh size
Sensor-sensitivity: automatic self-adapting sensor technology
Follow-up time: 1 sec. pre-set (adjustable with iqua-touch 0 – 10 sec.)
Continuous water flow time: 2 min. pre-set (adjustable with iqua-touch 30 sec. – 20 min.)
Temporary-off: 2 min. (fixed)
Hygienic rinse time: with iqua-touch 12 or 24-hour activatable
Engineering standards: DIN EN 200; CE
Material chrome
Power supply battery 4 x 1,5V Alkaline AA batteries; life time up to 4 years

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