Public were ‘misled’ on new water charges

Water Charges In Ireland

The Government “misled” the public on the likely level of water charges to be imposed on households, according to TD Brian Stanley.

“The Taoiseach said it would be around €240 per annum. It now transpires that, for a household with two adults, the average cost will be €278, nearly 20% more than we were led to believe,” he said.

Deputy Stanley said that for a household with four adults the cost will be an average of €482. He claimed that many will pay vastly more than this after 2016 when the average costs will rise to €594.

“With €180 million wasted setting up this giant quango and €500 million more spent on installing water meters, householders are paying the price for the corporate monster that is Irish Water,” he concluded.


Good Article In The Leinster Express 22nd August 14′

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