Sensor Taps Reduce Water Consumption & Energy Costs

sensor taps

Save water and reduce energy costs

With the electronic water fittings from Renergise, operators of public, semi-public and commercial buildings can significantly save water and reduce energy costs.
In addition to the consumption-based billing of water and wastewater, the energy costs for heating & filtering clean drinking water are increasing more and more. It is therefore important to generally reduce water consumption. This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet.

Regardless of whether it is a new building or a retrofit/conversion, the electronic water saving fittings from Renergise will save water and operating costs and are easy to install.

The non-contact water fittings from Renergise can be used in public sanitary buildings. These only trigger the water flow when water is actually needed and the user’s hand is in front of the sensor. As soon as the user removes their hand, the faucet automatically stops the water flow.
This has many advantages for the user and the operator. On the one hand, a non-contact fitting is more hygienic for the user because smear infections are significantly reduced. This aspect is particularly important in highly frequented sanitary rooms. On the other hand, the cleaning effort of the operator is reduced because the fitting does not have to be touched to trigger the water flow. Soap residue or dangerous viruses and germs on the faucet are reduced or completely avoided. In addition, water, wastewater and energy costs are reduced because water only flows as long as it is needed. Even during longer periods of soaping the hands, the water flow stops automatically.

The electronic basin mixer taps from Renergise have a standard 6l/min. Aerator with flow limiter. Depending on your requirements, different jet regulators with as low as 1.8 l/min can also be used.

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