Renergise Helping The Star Readers Beat The Water Meters

Renergise Helping The Irish Daily Star Readers Beat The Water Meters

Renergise Water Saving Products The Irish Star News Paper 06-11-2014

Renergise Helping The Irish Daily Star Readers Beat The Water Meters

Renergise Helping The Irish Daily Star Readers Beat The Water Meters

Water Saving Taps,Water Saving Shower Heads,Rainwater Harvesting,Cistern Displacement Devices,WC Water Saving Products. We offer a comprehensive nationwide service that best suits each customer’s specific requirements. With the introduction of Water Charges, Renergise Ltd can reduce your Water and Energy costs by up to 60%.


Our Products Include

  • Water Saving Shower Heads – Save up to 70%
  • Water Saving Taps – Save up to 80%
  • WC Water Saving devices – Save up to 30%
  • Water Saving Kitchen devices- Save up to 60%

Water Saving Showers

Power Showers can use up to 30 Litres per minute so a 5 minute shower will use 150 Litres of water.

Renergise Air Jet water saving showers give you the same invigorating shower, whilst reducing water consumption and heating costs. Our water saving shower head can save up to 70% water and still deliver the same great performance you are used to.

water saving shower head

water saving shower head

By simply changing your existing shower head to a Renergise Air Jet Shower Head

A family of 4 can save up to €250 annually on both water and related energy costs.

Water Saving Taps

Bathroom taps can use up to 25 Litres per minute of water, by installing a tap aerator which uses 3 Litres per minute you can save up to 75% on water and energy costs.

installation-instructions male and female

Similarly for the Kitchen Tap a Swivel Aerator is an easy to fit tap attachment that has been designed to provide you a multi-directional spray at only 8 litres per minute, making it an ideal water saving device for your home.

Swivel Aerator

Swivel Aerator

Renergise Ltd also offer a range of Non Concussive and Sensor taps to both the commercial and domestic market.

Renergise Sensor Taps Ultra Expert Models 30-10-2014.jpg

These taps can save up to 80% compared to the conventional two handle taps. Sensor taps save water, which only flows when hands activate the tap. Excess water use is no longer an issue solely for conservationists, but also for the budget-conscious. People who move slowly often allow taps to flow longer than necessary, or forget to turn them off when they are done washing.

Toilet Water Saving Products

Each day nearly 30% of all water used in the home is flushed down the toilet.

Fitting a Toilet Tank Bag, is simple, and very cost effective way of saving water. Simply fill it with water and clip onto the inside of the toilet cistern wall.

WC Water Saving Toilet Tank Bank

Toilet Tank Bank

Each time you flush the toilet you’ll save up to 2 or 3 litres of water which could add up to nearly 5% of your total use!

The flush wiser is designed to attach to the siphon in your toilet cistern and if installed it is estimated that on average you will conserve 36 litres of water per day without effecting the efficiency of the flush of your toilet. The flush wiser has five settings and thus is adjustable to suit the efficiency of each individual toilet cistern.

variable flush device

flush wiser

The Renergise Dual Flush 6/7/9 litre convertible Syphon.

The Renergise dual flush syphon delivers water savings when the lever is held down and a full flush when the lever is depressed and released.

Dual Flush Syphon

Height Adjustable Turbo Dual Flush Syphon

The amount of water saved depends on the exact cistern specification, but simply using a conservative estimate savings of 3 litres per flush when used and considering the average household flushes 5000 times per year, this would be a saving of 15,000 litres. To put this into perspective, the average bath holds 80 litres of water, so thanks to the Renergise dual flush syphon, enough water has been saved to fill 187 baths or €73 in a year in one house hold.

Rainwater Harvesting System

rainwater harvesting system layout

Rainwater Harvesting System Layout

Renergise Rainwater Harvesting System is the narrowest wall mounted tank available and its unique design makes it visually discreet and easy to install. Multiple tanks can be joined together to achieve the desired storage capacity. An entry level Super Slim Wall Tank System can typically save 20% of mains water used in an average household and as much as 80% in small commercial applications when most water is used for toilet flushing. This equates to a potential saving of more than 15,000 litres per year.
Supper Slim Wall Tank Rainwater Harvesting Systems


Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilation the Best Solution for Condensation and Mould Growth Problems

For single room heat recovery ventilation our Twin Fresh Comfo series is an easy and effective solution for arranging of single room heat recovery ventilation and energy saving ventilation.

Wall View             Single Room Heat Recovery

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