Renergise Water Conservation Work Shop At The Irish Hotels Federation Conference

Renergise Ltd - Water Saving Shower Heads

Renergise Hold Water Conservation Workshop At The Irish Hotel Federation Conference

Hotel Water Saving Products Can Reduce Hotel Water And Energy Costs By Up To 50%

Saving water in Hotels will also reduce your energy costs, saving you money on both water, oil & gas bills.

Installing water saving shower heads in Hotels can reduce your shower water usage by up too 70%

Urinal Water Saving Products / Installing Urinal Flushing Controls And Reduce Your Water Usage By Up To 90%.

A Single Urinal System Can Flush €500 & up to €1,000 of water a year down the drain.

Non Concussive Taps Can Save Up To 70% On Your Water Use.

Hotels can save water in there public toilets by fitting Non Concussive Taps / Push Taps and reduce there tap water use by 70%.

By Installing Sensor Taps You Can Save Up To 80% Less Water Than Conventional Taps.

Water only runs when needed, Touch Free Hygienic Operation With 12 or 24-hour Hygienic Rinse

Renergise Ltd – Water Conservation Products & Services Include:

Smart Metering & Water Monitoring Services / AMR solution is a self-install, extremely inexpensive solution to provide our Commercial Customers the ability to monitor their Water Consumption on a daily basis & collecting real time hourly profile data of their Water usage.

Once you have recorded your data overtime, the system allows you to set realistic parameters for any unsuspected activity. Increased consumption/leaks, no period of ‘No Flow’, Back flow and many other Alarms can be set so that automatically the right resource can be emailed or SMS Texted with the non-conformance.

Leakage Detection is almost real time, some Customers have already identified leaks and the cost of our Water Monitoring System installation has been met by the money saved by fixing the leaks, dripping taps etc.

Automatic Meter Reading – No more lifting heavy manhole covers get your meter readings at your Pc / online, via our web portal.

Detailed water Audit Services – Comprehensive detailed report of water conservation opportunities in your business / school or home.

Supplier of a wide range of water conservation products – aerated / eco shower heads, percussion / sensor taps, tap aerators, flow control valves, urinal management systems, toilet variable flush devices, eco dual flush siphons, toilet tummy bags, grey water systems, rain water harvesting & domestic water conservation kits.

Our new Air Jet technology shower heads can give a very high pressure shower with just only 6Lpm. The other big advantage our heads have is you can increase or decrease the flow rate by changing the flow regulator. Each head comes with 3 different flow regulators = 5Lpm , 7Lpm or 9Lpm.

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