Sensor Taps – Renergise Launch iQua Swiss Quality Sensor Taps – Energy Show 2014


iQua Ultra Sensor Taps Maximum Safety and Perfect Hand Hygiene, Swiss Quality Sensor Taps with innovative technology in modern design.

A “thinking” faucet like the ultra is especially useful for hospitals, medical practices, and industry. This sensor tap hands-free interaction that is reliable and easy to understand. The water flow is hygienically triggered via an IR sensor pointed along the water stream. The extra high faucet with a spout height of 162 mm (additional models with 94 mm and 51 mm spout heights) enables hands to be thoroughly cleaned up to the elbow in hospitals, medical practices, and nursing homes. Wherever hand hygiene is particularly important, the expert version, including integrated hygiene mode with countdown, also allows the required time for hygienic hand-washing to be checked. This setting is made possible by the iqua touch sensor. Water temperature and water flow time are indicated on a display. The puristic design of the faucet enables easy cleaning and ensures a consistently clean, immaculate look. The variable 12 or 24-hour hygiene rinse prevents the unwanted build-up of germs and ensures clean drinking water.


The new iQua Maxx Sensor Tap – innovative technology in modern design

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After intensive development work, we proudly present the new iqua maxx fitting. According to our motto “Design meets technology” we have not only revised the housing but also carried out fundamental changes in technology.

Slim   Design: Housing Diameter 54 mm

Integrated   Batterie (6V Lithium CRP2)

Battery   change above wash basin by removing the cover

Service   of sytem components by removing the cover, without separation of the water   route

Vandal secure iqua touch

Lowest   possible water route (lower stagnation of water in the faucet )

Water   line with 95% reduced share of low-head brass material according to TWVO 2012

superior technology for maximum comfort – compact and solid in design, this model is pre-destined for hand sinks in rest areas, stadiums, schools, restaurants, hotels and other public areas. The latest in innovative technology offers the best in comfort.
sensor/electronic technology – the infrared double-sensors detects in 3-D. Upon recognizing an object, the digital microelectronic sensor promptly turns on the water flowing. Water only runs when needed – reliably and conveniently. An intelligent, logical design prevents malfunctions.
iqua-click – this unique, patented touch button adds such practical features as “temporary-off” for undisturbed cleaning or “permanent-on” for convenient filling of the sink by “continuous run” and optional 24-hour sentinel rinse.
technology – special valve technology ensures many years of reliable operation, lasting several million uses with assured shut-off functionality. Due to sturdy construction and durable finishes, this faucet line is an ideal choice for locations where vandalism is a concern. The compact design and attention to detail make for easy installation and maintenance, just as with conventional fixtures.
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