CONTI + Mechanical Shower Systems for high-frequency sanitary rooms

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RENERGISE Distributing CONTi+ Swiss Manufactured Shower Systems

CONTI + presents new shower program CONSTOP 2

With the CONSTOP 2 program, CONTI + is launching its latest generation of modular mechanical shower systems for high-frequency sanitary rooms

Thanks to their robust and vandal-proof design, the mechanical self-closing systems are ideally suited for the provision of public and commercial sanitary facilities. Optionally available in stainless steel with integrated soap tray or easy-care plastic

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The showers combine cleaning comfort and visually appealing design.

Maximum functional reliability is provided by the technically advanced self-closing valve technology on a water-hydraulic basis. Thanks to the adjustable water drain time of a maximum of 30 seconds, CONSTOP 2 is particularly economical in terms of efficiency. The easy-to-use push button function predestines the program for use in care and youth areas.

CONSTOP 2 is available as a flush-mounted shower with a chrome-plated round or square cover plate as well as a shower element with a robust hood covering & different designs in showerheads.

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CONTi+ Tipolino shower systems for well-being

showering – tapping a button is enough to start the showering pleasure. Temperature can be adjusted conveniently by the thermostat or ceramic cartridge.

showering – and saving water, too! The time-controlled automatic stop prevents the unnecessary wasting of water in public institutions.

showering – with intelligence! A user forgets to stop the water flow after having a shower – no problem! The electronic stops unwanted water flow – an optimal solution for saving water in public showers areas and bathrooms in hotels.
Electronic shower systems mains or battery operated

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CONTEC3 stands for robust self-closing fittings, which have a hygienic purge that is dependent on the use and can be operated as a “standalone solution” regardless of the network via a 6VDC lithium battery or as a “group solution” depending on the network via a central 12VDC power supply.

CONTEC3 is therefore ideally suited for retrofitting of no more modern fittings.

CONTEC3 shower fittings are available as wall mounting, wall mounting fittings and as shower elements in numerous variants.

BASIC fittings without mixing unit

COMFORT or DV – fittings with thermostat battery

COMFORT-TD or DV_B – Fittings with thermostat battery + bypass solenoid valve

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